COVID-19 Safe Plan

Mission Australia is committed to ensuring as far as reasonably practicable, no worker, volunteer, contractor or person we serve shall come to any harm while working at, or engaging with any of our sites or services.

Mission Australia is a human services organisation that via CLIP supports some of the most high-risk members of our community in relation to the COVID-19 virus and its known variants. Ensuring our staff and volunteers have a safe environment to work in is paramount to us.

What does this mean for staff, volunteers and contractors at CLIP:

Staff, volunteers and contractors:

  • will be required to double vaccinated against COVID-19
  • should not attend CLIP if they are unwell or experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19
  • comply with any Public Health Orders and this CLIP COVID-19 Safety Plan.

What are some of the requirements that will be in place to support guests:

  • Guests will be ushered to seats and picnic areas, to avoid crowding and large group gatherings
  • Food will be delivered to each table and shade structure to reduce patron movement during the event.
  • Queue management will be instigated to avoid large gatherings of people.

How will we ensure required hygiene standards are maintained?

  • Entry will be granted upon entering details via the Safe WA contact tracing App or manual contact tracing record.
  • PPE in the form of gloves and masks will be offered free of charge to all guests, volunteers, suppliers and staff
  • Volunteers and staff handling food to guests and those on the entry gates, or in close proximity to guests, will wear gloves for everyone’s safety and masks will be optional.
  • All food will be packaged in individual sealed trays so there's no cross contamination or infection opportunity from the catering staff or runners of food delivering to tables.
  • Hand sanitiser will be made available throughout the event site.
  • Shower trucks and hair dressing stations will be thoroughly cleaned between each client, with disinfectant and fresh towels will be provided.
  • The cleaning team will conduct regular scheduled cleaning and record keeping.
  • All staff, volunteers and service providers on site will be briefed on the location of PPE, hand sanitiser and reminded of the social distancing measures.
  • Official COVID-19 signage will also be widely displayed throughout the site.

Staff training and education. How will we ensure all venue attendees know how to keep themselves and others safe from exposure to COVID-19?

  • All Mission Australia event volunteers and staff will attend a compulsory briefing and information session. Volunteers who don’t attend the briefing, will not be permitted to attend the event.
  • The briefings will include comprehensive information, practices and protocols with regard to COVID-19.
  • WA Government COVID specific signage such as handwashing and social distancing will be clearly displayed throughout the event site in marquees and on fencing.

How will we respond to an exposure or suspected exposure to COVID-19 within the event?

  • For contact tracing purposes, electronic records of all volunteers recruited and allocated for shifts during the event set-up, the actual event and pack-down will be registered.
  • Staff records will also be recorded electronically. For site set-up and pack-down suppliers, they will be asked to complete a written register upon arrival each day they enter the site.
  • On the day of the event, all attendees (guests, staff and volunteers) will be required to provide their details via the Safe WA App on a written form, upon arrival into the event.
  • The Mission Australia core staff on site, the volunteer Supervisors and St John Ambulance staff will work collaboratively and follow protocols if a person presents or suspects they are unwell and have any symptoms of concern.
  • Any purpose presenting with COVID like symptom will be isolated, then removed from site and transported to hospital in a private vehicle. The COVID-19 Hotline will be contacted immediately and a decision to continue the event or cancel will be made and the contact tracing information provided. This procedure will be included in all site staff and volunteer training.

These guidelines will be reviewed monthly and are subject to change. All changes will be communicated to our volunteers, should these make an impact on the current arrangements or require Mission Australia to cancel the event.

Current at 14 October 2021