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Welcome to the Christmas Lunch in the Park Volunteer Event Information!

The 2020 event will take place in a new venue. After 44 years, we are moving from Wellington Square, East Perth to Langley Park (West), Riverside Drive, Perth City 6000. Further details of this exciting change will be available here soon.


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Section 1

Preparing for the event


What do I bring with me on the day?

As there are no volunteer storage facilities at the event, we recommend you pack seriously lightly on the day. It’s a perfect day for a cross-body bag or waist-pack (aka ‘bum-bag’), which can be easily worn while performing your duties. Be sure to leave your valuables at home!

Mission Australia will not be held responsible for any lost or damaged belongings.

In the past, table hosts have brought along items to decorate their allocated tables. Due to health and safety considerations, we request that you leave all such items at home for another occasion.


What do I wear?

At the induction you attend in December, you will be given a Mission Australia Volunteer t-shirt which we request that you wear on the day. Other than this, we strongly recommend dressing for comfort, safety and the weather!

If you’ll be in an active role, we recommend wearing comfortable clothing, such as shorts or slacks. If you’re in a role which requires a lot of movement or manual handling, such as is the case for Stewards, the Food & Beverage Crew and the Gift & Care-Pack support just to name a few, then we also recommend wearing enclosed footwear such as sneakers.

If you will be performing your role outdoors, please ensure you BRING A HAT and also sunglasses if you desire.



Will I be in the sun?

Some volunteer roles will be performed outside and, as we know, Christmas Day can be warm! There will be plenty of sunscreen available at various locations around the venue, so please ensure you SLIP SLOP SLAP SEEK & SLIDE where possible!


Please also ensure you STAY HYDRATED! There will be plenty of water stationed all throughout the venue, for both guests and volunteers. All Volunteers and guests will receive a Mission Australia re-fillable water bottle, which can be filled at any time during your shift, from the drinking water tank or the jugs on tables.


Will I get to eat lunch too? If so, where?

ABSOLUTELY! This day is all about CHRISTMAS LUNCH, and we wish for everyone to partake! If you’re a Table Host, you’ll eat alongside your guests at your designated table. For all other volunteers, there will be a dedicated space in the volunteer registration area for you to recharge and enjoy your lunch. We do ask that you and your supervisor coordinate the best time for your lunch-break, before you head to the Food & Beverage (F&B) Distribution Area and request your lunch from the F&B Supervisor.


What will the weather be like on the day?

We recommend keeping a watchful eye on the weather forecast in the days preceding Christmas Day. For the most current observations and forecasts, check out the Bureau of Meteorology.


Section 2

Getting there & maps


Where is the event being held?

The event is taking place on Wellington Square, at the corner of Wellington and Hill Streets in East Perth.  Please see map below, or check location on Google Maps.



Where do I park?

The nearest parking to the event is the City of Perth Parking area located at 158 Royal St in East Perth, pictured immediately below. This is a paid parking area.

There will be limited street parking available near the event site, some of which is reserved for our shuttle bus service and ACROD permit holders.

Wellington Square itself is a strictly no parking zone.

Any vehicle parking on Wellington Square may be issued with a parking infringement notice from the City of Perth – and risk being towed if deemed a risk to the event.



Where is the nearest bus stop or train station?

The nearest train station is Claisebrook Station.

On Christmas Day, Transperth will operate on the Sunday-public holiday timetable and there will be no CAT services available. We recommend planning your public transport journey ahead of time, using information from Transperth directly.

The nearest bus stops to the event are on Wellington Street and these are stops numbered 12909, 12911, 12917 and 12919 (pictured immediately below).



Will there be a shuttle bus for volunteers?

You may know from previous years, that a shuttle bus service provided guest transport between Claisebrook Station and the event site. This year, we have extended this service to enable volunteers to utilise the same service between Claisebrook Station and Wellington Square.

Please note, the shuttle bus will operate between the times of 9:30am and 12:00pm and 1:00pm to 3:00pm only. Volunteers commencing before 9:45am will therefore be unable to utilise this service and must make alternative arrangements.

To utilise the shuttle bus service, look out for a sign as you depart the southern side of Claisebrook station. You will be greeted by other fellow volunteers (wearing Mission Australia Volunteer t-shirts), who will show you the way.


Where do I go once I arrive?

When arriving on site, please proceed toward the Volunteer Concierge & Registration Area at the south-western corner of the marquee (that is the one nearest to the intersection of Hill and Wellington Streets - see map pictured below).

Here you will be greeted by the Volunteer Concierge Team, who will register you into the event and give you a lanyard for wearing throughout the day. The Volunteer Concierge team will also point you in the direction of your area supervisor, who you will report to for a pre-event briefing and further instruction.

Throughout the day, you’ll be able to return to this area (the Volunteer Recharge Zone), such as to eat your lunch, use the facilities, reapply sunscreen or to take in some water!

Please do not enter the event site via the guest entry.



Will there be toilet facilities for volunteers? 

Volunteer toilets will be located in the volunteer registration area (pictured in site map directly below), which includes two portable toilets and one portable wheelchair accessible toilet. See site map below.


Section 3

Staying safe & well


What if I become poorly on the day?

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of becoming unwell, injured or otherwise poorly, please remember the following;

The first priority is always your safety and wellbeing.

As will be further outlined in your online induction, the first action is to notify your supervisor. In extreme cases where this is not possible, you may need to notify St John’s Ambulance or Security in the first instance, ensuring a fellow volunteer stays with you at all times.




What if someone around me becomes poorly on the day?

If someone around you becomes poorly, the same procedure applies. The first action is to notify your supervisor. In extreme cases where this is not possible, you may need to notify St John’s Ambulance or Security in the first instance, ensuring a fellow volunteer stays with the affected person at all times. In an emergency situation dial 000.


Where are the emergency services located?

There are two emergency support services engaged to assist the day’s smooth and safe running. These are St John’s Ambulance and contracted Security services.

The St John’s First Aid station will be situated on the southern corner of the Main Entry (the one closest to Wellington Street).

Please see the sitemap pictured to familiarise yourself with where these services will be situated within the event.


Section 4

Have another question? Email us christmaslunch@missionaustralia.com.au!

How else will I get info about the event?

This year, we have two parts to your volunteer induction. Your initial, online induction includes key health and safety information with which you must be familiar prior to the event; and an in-person induction will equip you with key information relating to the day's proceedings - here you will also collect your necessary volunteer resources (including your volunteer t-shirts which you will wear on the day).

It is mandatory for you to undertake both of the components to the volunteer inductions in order to participate in this year's event. Should you encounter any difficulties meeting this requirement, please contact us without delay at christmaslunch@missionaustralia.com.au.

Thanks once again for being part of the 2020 Christmas in the Park volunteer team! Without your efforts, this day would not be possible!

How else can you help?


The event relies on the generosity of the Perth community,  both as volunteers as well as contributing financially or through services in kind.

Through the support of individuals, families and Perth businesses, we can work to ensure no one is alone on Christmas day.



Help bring hope, compassion and celebration to someone in need this Christmas and beyond by making a donation.


Donate a plate



Provide support through sponsorship to enable us deliver the event and change Christmas for over 1400 of Perth's most in need people.